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Brett Parsons (B.Sc.Optom, FVCO)

Brett Parsons graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1984 and specialises in contact lenses, laser refractive surgery care and ocular pathology. Brett is a fellow of the Victorian College of Optometry and a member of the Contact Lens Society of Australia.




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Angelina Duan (AMusA, B.Sc., B.Optom)

Angelina Duan began working at Bellocchio Eyewear whilst completing her studies, allowing her to gain valuable experience in dispensing. After graduating with a Bachelor of Optometry from The University of Melbourne in 2011, she joined the team as a therapeutically endorsed optometrist able to prescribe ocular medications for a range of eye conditions, as well as spectacles and contact lenses. Although Angelina enjoys all aspects of optometry in the personalised environment of private practice, where she can take the time to find the best solution for her patients' visual needs, she particularly enjoys designing optical prescriptions for visually demanding work spaces and has special interests in treating anterior eye conditions like ocular allergies and dry eye.

When she is not working at Bellocchio Eyewear, she is employed by the University of Melbourne as a clinical instructor to train the next generation of optometry students and working on her PhD thesis in optometry.