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Driving Solutions

Driving Solutions
Driving Lenses
Did you know we can make it easier for you to drive by changing the design of your lenses? When driving our eyes have to quickly adapt to the different distances: From the road to the navigation device, to the mirrors and back again. The lens design can help adapted precisely to these dynamic requirements. Very large visual fields ensure all-round sharp vision, which is important when parking, but especially when overtaking.
Polarised Lenses

Polarised lenses neutralise the effect of blinding glare, resulting in a more relaxed vision in all light conditions. Eliminating excessive brightness and glare will greatly reducing eye fatigue and increase visual clarity, depth and colour perception, improving your driving experience. 

Night Time Driving
Driving at night time, twilight or when visibility is poor is often far more difficult to see clearly making you feel uneasy. As the pupils get bigger due to the dark or low light, it makes it difficult for driver due to the glare and reflections from the many forms of lights : headlights, brake lights, street lights and reflective surfaces. This results in your vision not being able to focus and see sharply. Everything seems a little blurry such as the white lines on the roads. Speak to an optometrist if at these times you sometimes find it a little difficult.