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Sports Solutions

Sport Solutions

Sports Lenses

U.V protective anti-glare prescription eyewear once posed a problem for sports activities such as cycling, running and golf to name but a few. At Bellocchio Eyewear we offer a wide range of sunglass eyewear designed for such activities requiring specific prescription needs - custom made to suit your lifestyle and complete with high impact protection or with a polarising filter ideal for water sports.

  • Choose frames from our lightweight tough carbon fibre and titanium collections
  • We use only the latest form of lens technology designed for maximum panoramic vision clarity and safety
  • Interchangeable lenses to suit varying weather conditions, night/day use
  • Available in combinations of Photochromatic, Photo Polarising with Iridium front surface or back surface anti reflection coatings

Solutions For Sailing

Many for our patients find that the features they look for in a regular pair of sunglasses are very different to those they would look for in a pair of sunglasses for sailing. As such, we can provide the perfect package for everyone from occasional yachtsmen to competative sailors. The frames can be fitted with prescription lenses if needed to ensure your best possible vision. Our sailing packages can offer the following:

  • Wraparound frames to follow the shape of your head and grip tightly but comfortably
  • Splash guards so you can see clearly, no matter how rough the weather gets
  • Joints and fittings that won't rust in the salty sea air
  • Polarized lenses that reduce glare reflected off the water, but still let you read your digital instruments
  • Photochromatic lenses that adapt to the changing light conditions without you having to change your glasses
  • Floating retainers so that if you drop your glasses overboard you won't lose them for good
  • Prescription lenses available in either single vision or multifocal options so you can always read your instruments, see your fellow sailors or even just take in the view!